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Fighting discrimination with facts

Why this blog NEEDS to exist

If you are reading this blog, chances are that either you or a loved one are living with ADHD.
You are probably concerned by the media's constant efforts to deny the existence of the neurodiverse population.

We are a group of concerned individuals either living with ADHD or supporting loved ones with their ADHD journey. We are all sick and tired of ADHD denial:

  • NHS reducing ADHD services to practically zero

  • BBC portraying ADHD as a fake/paid-for diagnosis

  • Waiting lists for diagnosis going from bad to worse

  • Zero representation of true ADHD struggles in the media

About me

My name is Anika

I have ADHD.

My journey towards diagnosis probably looks quite similar to yours, as it is such a common story:

  • Many years (decades, in fact) of feeling different

  • Top academic grades but inability to carry out everyday functions like other people

  • Years and years and years of "suspecting" ADHD, but being put off by the stereotypes and jokes

  • Getting desperate

  • Asking my GP for her opinion

  • Advised 18 month waiting list

  • COVID - now advised 3+ year waiting list

  • Getting really desperate

  • Going private (how much??? 💰)

  • Diagnosed within days, treatment started... Wait, THIS is how "normal" people feel???

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500 Terry Francois Street, 6th Floor. San Francisco, CA 94158


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